Educare Studies

Educare National Evaluation

The Educare National Evaluation is designed to document the features of Educare and how implementation of the model contributes to program quality and links to outcomes for children and families. 

The National Evaluation provides information to internal stakeholders - leadership and staff of local Educare programs and national partners - to document each program's implementation of the model and for continuous program improvement. 

The National Evaluation provides information to external stakeholders - funders, policymakers, researchers - to help increase access to high quality early childhood programs. 

Follow-up Study

Local evaluators in Atlanta, Central Maine, Denver, Kansas City, and Tulsa are following Educare and non-Educare children into the early grades of elementary school. These follow-up studies provide critically needed information about developmental trajectories of children when they are in early childhood programs and after they transition to primary school.  These studies examine which skills developed during time enrolled in Educare underlie acquisition of academic and social skills during the first years of elementary school. 

Reports and Measures

Educare National Evaluation Measures (2020-2024)
This chart provides more information about measures used in the evaluation.

Educare Publications
Journal articles, book chapters, and dissertations/theses using Educare data. 

Educare Schools' Demonstrating Results document