Educare Implementation Study Team Members

Core FPG Staff

Dr. Donna Bryant
Co–Principal Investigator

Dr. Noreen Yazejian
Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Peg Burchinal

Dr. Sandra Soliday Hong

Diane Webster
Research Specialist

Gisele Crawford
Research Specialist

Gina Walker
Program Assistant

Project Contact

Technical Work Group

Dr. Linda Espinosa
University of Missouri-Columbia

Dr. Jana Fleming
Salama bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation

Dr. John Pascoe
Wright State University

Dr. Donna Spiker
SRI International

Dr. Marty Zaslow
Child Trends

Local Evaluation Partners


Dr. Jeanne Wilcox
Dr. Dawn Greer

Arizona State University

Atlanta, GA

Dr. Gary Bingham
Dr. Nicole Patton-Terry

Georgia State University

California at Silicon Valley

Dr. Gary Resnick
Education Development Center, Inc.

Central Maine

Dr. Alan Cobo-Lewis
University of Maine

Chicago, IL

Dr. Amanda Stein
Todd Jackson

Ounce of Prevention Fund

Denver, CO

Dr. Sheridan Green
Diana Mangels
Clayton Early Learning Institute

Kansas City, KS

Dr. Dale Walker
Dr. Gabriela Guerrero

University of Kansas

Lincoln, NE

Dr. Helen H. Raikes
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Los Angeles at Long Beach, CA

Dr. Jodi Fender
Long Beach Unified School District

Miami, FL

Dr. Daryl B. Greenfield
University of Miami

Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Karen Stroiber
Dr. David Klingbeil

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

New Orleans, LA

Dr. Katherine Theall
Dr. Lauren Dunaway

Tulane University

Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Mary Sweet-Darter
Brian Mangus
Anselm Center for Consultation and Evaluation

Omaha, NE

Dr. Barbara Jackson
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Seattle, WA

Dr. Sue J. Spieker
Dr. Miriam K. Hirschstein

University of Washington

Tulsa, OK

Dr. Diane Horm
Shannon Guss

University of Oklahoma - Tulsa

Washington, DC

Dr. Brenda Jones Harden
Dr. Erin Cannon

University of Maryland

West DuPage, IL

Dr. Sue Rasher
Dr. Sarah Rasher

OER Associates LLC

Winnebago, NE

Dr. Barbara Jackson
University of Nebraska Medical Center